HCG Web Services Documentation
7 September 2011 • Version 1.0

hcgStores Documentation

What it does

This module implements the Stores rTag in a Drupal context. The Stores rTag is a bit tricky to implement because it requires that you create pages for the maps and feedback form, add needed CSS to your current styles and add some JavaScript to create the pop-up windows used by the locator. This module takes care of all of that so you don't have to.

Administrating the module

Go to http://example.com/admin/settings/hcgstores to access the admin settings.

Scope. The store locator is designed to combine results from two differnet sources: the Nielsen database supplied by contract with Nielsen, and a local database we maintain of stores not covered by the Nielsen data. The "scope" setting allows you to choose if you get data from both or just one of these sources.

The various paths are for pages that are automatically created by the module. They have templates associated wit them, so if you change the paths, you will need to change the names of the associated templates.