HCG Web Services Documentation
6 July 2009 • Version 1.0

Vendor Specs and Resources


It is the company policy that HCG websites be hosted at our Boulder facility whenever possible. If you think that your site needs to be hosted off-site, please discuss the issue with Jim Applegate or David Basch before making a final decision.

Our hosting environment is a standard LAMP setup, with CentOS 5 Linux, Apache 2, MySQL 5.x and PHP 5.2.x. We cannot host sites that require Java, .Net, or ColdFusion.

Network Access

Our development server and the hcgWeb Portal are accessible via VPN as part of our internal network. To get a VPN account, please make your request to Jim Applegate or David Basch and allow for 3-4 working days for the account to be set up. Before a VPN account can be created, the user must sign a confidentiality agreement with the brand manager they are working with.

Once connected via VPN, the user will have access to the website's document root through FTP and SSH. Access to the Subversion repository is managed via SSH. MySQL can be accessed via the command-line interface or phpMyAdmin.

Development Environment

You have a choice between using our development server for your development environment or creating your own local environment. If you create a local environment, you will need to factor in time to move the site to our servers.


Regardless of where the primary development is done, we will need to establish how the workflow from development, staging, and live is done. If you have your own development environment, we will still need to a way to move from your dev to ours.

The vendor can request that the changes be moved from the development server to the staging server. Requests to make changes live should come from the brand manager. We will upload the files and data tables as needed to update the site on the required server.

Revision Management

We prefer to use Subversion to manage site files. We have a repository server available at https://svn.hcgweb.net/ and we can set up a repository for your project.

Supported CMSs

We currently support websites built using Wordpress or Drupal, with a slight preference for Wordpress. If you feel you need to use a different CMS, please talk to us about it.

We strongly encourage you to use strong passwords at every stage of development We want to avoid going live with a site that has "password" as its admin password. We need usernames and passwords for all CMS accounts that you create.

We have a list of best practices for Drupal development that we would like you follow. It involves basic file setup, using multisites to deal with the different server levels, and strategies to make database uploads simpler.

Site Statistics

We set up Google Analytics for all our websites. We can set up the account for a new site and give you access. If, for some reason, you set up the Google Analytics account, you will need to give admin access to our google.analytics@hain-celestial.com account. If you are working on an existing website, it probably already has Google Analytics set up, and we can give you access to that account.

Online Store

You may need to provide a basic site header/footer to be applied to the online store provided by Eye Level or another vendor.

Centrally-Managed Content

There is some website content that we maintain from a central database. You will need to integrate this data into the site using our API or Remote Tags. The content that is centrally managed is

We have a number of resources to help you integrate these features and content into your site includng PHP classes for accessing the API and complete instructons for using Remote Tags.

We also have a collection of Wordpress plugins and Drupal modules that you can use. A complete listing is available at https://svn.hcgweb.net/public/.

Centrally-managed data can be edited through the hcgWeb Portal. You will need a VPN account to access our internal network and an hcgWeb Portal account to edit the data.

Contact Us / Consumer Info

The Contact Us form can be integrated into the site using a Remote Tag.

The company has a standard format for the Contact Us page that encourages the user to use other online resources before they send a message to our Consumer Relations department. The page links to FAQs, site search and Store Locator among other things. A complete guide for setting this up is available.